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Invisalign Day 29th January


Save if you proceed with Invisalign in 2022!

Limited places available

Invisalign Full £3995- Save £255

Invisalign Lite £3200- Save £150

Invisalign Lite Single Arch £2350- Save £100

Invisalign I7 £1750- Save £100

Invisalign I7 Single Arch £1175- Save £75

  • Free Itero Digital Scan
  • Free Whitening
  • Free Retainers
  • Consult charge £35 – redeemable if you go ahead with treatment
  • Finance plans available


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Our Christmas 2021 Opening Hours


We wanted to give you an update on our Christmas hours so you’re fully prepared for the festive season. 


Thursday 23rd December: 8.30-17.30
Friday 24th December
(Christmas Eve):
Saturday 25th December
to Tuesday 28th December:
Wednesday 29th December: 8.30-17.30
Thursday 30th December: 8.30-16.00
Friday 31st December
to Monday 3rd January:
Tuesday 4th January: Normal Hours resume


*In the case of a dental emergency when closed, please phone the practice and follow the instructions on the voicemail.*

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our patients for their valued support throughout 2021. With the frequent changes throughout the pandemic, we are so grateful for your patience. 

Merry Christmas to you from all of us at Sharoe Green. We can’t wait to see you next year!


Practice Update on COVID-19

Sharoe Green Dental Practice will be reopening from Monday 8th June. In order to follow new guidelines we will be seeing a reduced number of patients within a session. If you had an appointment booked for June, please be aware this may still be cancelled as we are needing to arrange appointments to fit in with new guidelines and to see patients in an oder of priority. We will be initially seeing:
– Patients with emergency problems or other dental problems that require urgent assessment and treatment.
– Patients who are overdue their orthodontic attachments.
– Patients with treatment that was not completed prior to the lockdown.
– Practice Plan Patients who were due for routine examinations and hygienist visits during the period of closure.

– Non Plan members who were due for routine examinations and hygienist visits during the period of closure.

Please do not come to the practice unless you have had a phone call confirming your appointment.
We are working hard to contact all patients regarding their appointments and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Further information will soon be sent regarding the reopening of the practice, including new protocols and changes we have made post lockdown. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email. If you have pain or a dental emergency please phone the practice as normal and follow the instructions on the voicemail.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Sharoe Green

Introducing your new team members


Here at the multiple award winning Sharoe Green Dental Practice, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional dental care for our patients in Preston and further afield in Lancashire. Our expert team offers complete dental care for all the family, as well as a full range of cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening, adult braces and dental implants. We take a proactive approach to general dentistry, with a focus on helping all of our patients to keep on smiling and are continuously investing to make sure our patients have access to the very best treatment available. As we continue to grow, it is our pleasure to warmly welcome two new members to the team, Lizzi and Victoria.

Lizzi Dobson – Dentist

The newest dentist on the team, Lizzi joins our team of dentists alongside Principal Dentist Dr. Graeme Fisher, who has led the practice for almost two decades, and Associate Dentist Dan Walmsley, a more recent addition to the team.

Hailing from Preston, Lizzi has an unusual story to share – she was a patient at Sharoe Green Dental Practice for 20 years and even did her work experience with the team, before choosing to study as a dentist. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Bristol as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and now returns to the practice as our newest dentist!

Lizzi says:

“I’m delighted that I am now going to be working here as part of the team. I enjoy general practice as no two days are the same and it is rewarding to improve people’s confidence and oral health. I enjoy meeting a wide range of people and I particularly like seeing nervous patients and helping acclimatise them to the dental environment.”

Victoria Scragg – Apprentice Dental Nurse

After completing her A-level studies, Victoria joined the practice as a trainee dental nurse in February 2019. As a dental nurse, she plays a key role in supporting our team of dentists and hygienists, helping in every aspect of dental care. She also helps to make sure that all of our patients are comfortable and happy during examinations and treatment. You will no doubt see her friendly face during your next visit to us. As Victoria progresses with her training as a dental nurse, we look forward to her taking on an even greater range of responsibilities and becoming even more involved in your dental care.

Victoria says:

“I am very excited and enthusiastic to learn alongside the other members of staff here at Sharoe Green and to work towards completing my dental nurse qualification.”

To learn more about Lizzi, Victoria and the rest of our team, feel free to browse everybody in the meet the team section of our website.

To book an appointment now or to enquire about becoming a member of our award winning dental practice, call today on 01772 718753 and take advantage of our special offer with a new patient consultation for just £42*.

*price correct as at 02/04/2019 and subject to change.



5 Ideas for a Tooth Friendly Easter


Easter is just around the corner. The supermarket shelves are adorned with chocolate eggs, chocolates, sweets, cakes, hot cross buns and a myriad of other Easter edibles. Whilst they all look and taste great, they can also spell disaster for our teeth (and waistlines) if we are not careful – and children are at the greatest risk.To help make your family’s Easter a little more tooth-friendly, we’ve prepared 5 suggestions to help cut back on the sugar this Easter.

1. Crafts and creativity

It’s easy to forget that Easter eggs don’t have to be made of chocolate – and indeed in many countries they are not. Nobody said that they must be filled with sweets either. With such an excellent range of crafting materials available both online and in high street retailers, why not unleash your creativity and craft an egg themed gift that contains something your children can play and engage with rather than eat?

For bonus points, you could even make an egg out of paper mache or something similar and put something educational in it. An hour or two spent online searching for ideas could easily pay itself back with less time at the dentist in the future!

2. Easter Baskets

Another great way to avoid the temptation of over indulging in chocolate eggs is to prepare Easter baskets filled with a range of offerings that excludes sugar and sweets.You could colour code the baskets to each child’s taste and make the gifts relevant to their interests – think football, animals, cartoons and the like… Lego, puzzles and stickers are all also great ideas which can be easily themed for Easter.

If you don’t fancy getting the paints out, wrapping paper, stickers, ribbons and other materials are all easy to obtain and make for mess free manufacturing. Children’s magazines can also be a great way to get themed materials that you can repurpose for your project.

If you choose to involve the children in either of the above, you could also add a recycling theme into the equation and get them to repurpose leftover containers etc from the kitchen.

3. Have your eggs – and eat them

If you really want to enjoy an egg sharing session with edible eggs, why not substitute chocolate eggs with real ones? In some countries such as Poland, it is still traditional for children to paint and decorate hard boiled eggs. On Easter Sunday, families an egg smashing competition at the table before eating the eggs as part of a special Easter breakfast.
A quick look online should be enough to find food-safe egg dyes, which in conjunction with wax crayons can make for a highly enjoyable activity session with completely sugar free edible results. Not only will you keep the kids busy during half term, you’ll also be encouraging them to get involved in the kitchen.

4. Nice and nutty

Another approach to Easter edibles is healthy, wholefood snacks. Nuts, raisins and savoury snacks can be used to great effect. Experiment with organza bags, tissue paper, decorative foil wrap (the type often used for flowers or bottles) or any other material with which you can fashion an attractive pouch and fill it with the most healthy and natural munchies you can find. You can then add ribbons and other decorations to give them that final touch. Of course, do be careful of choking hazards for smaller children.

5. Discover the dark side

Did you know that dark chocolate usually contains much less sugar than milk chocolate? If you really do feel the urge to have some chocolatey treats of your own creation to indulge in during Easter, a simple way to substantially reduce the amount of sugar used is to substitute milk chocolate with natural, unsweetened dark chocolate. Just be sure to check the label to make sure that you really are cutting down on the sugar content.

If you want to go a step further, you may also wish to bake with sugar substitutes. There is a plethora of mouth-watering low sugar Easter recipes to be found online.

Here at the award winning Sharoe Green Dental Practice, we pride ourselves in offering a proactive approach to dental care and are always open to new patients. As part of our continued commitment to offering the very best in dental care, it is our pleasure to welcome some new members to our team this month – dentist Lizzi and apprentice nurse Victoria. Keep an eye out to learn more about these two fantastic team members in next month’s blog!

To book an appointment now or enquire about becoming a member, call today on 01772 718753.


Why do dental checkups matter?


A recent report into the habits of UK adults has revealed some fascinating facts. People under the age of 34 attend the dentist frequently for cosmetic treatments but not for regular checkups. Although this may be partly because people generally have healthier teeth, it appears to be more to do with people failing to understand the benefits of a six-month dental examination. Have you ever wondered if dental checkups really matter? Read on to learn just why you really shouldn’t be skipping them, and why keeping your dental appointments in 2019 could be the best new year’s resolution you’ve ever made.

Prevention is better than cure

Just as in the medical world, the same is true when it comes to all things dental. Even if you were to equip yourself with a set of dental mirrors and take the time to examine your own teeth and gums, you would likely miss vital clues that an experienced dentist would recognise as early signs of gum disease or tooth decay. What looks like a healthy smile to you may be masking problems that are only apparent to the trained eye.

It is far better to see the dentist regularly and ensure that preventative action can be taken than to wait until potentially painful symptoms develop. Apart from the inconvenience, once you begin to experience pain or discomfort it may be too late and eventually costly and uncomfortable dental treatment is inevitable. Your dentist may also recommend that you attend the hygienist, who is able to offer a range of prophylactic treatments as well as being able to advise you on every aspect of oral hygiene.

Both your dentist and hygienist are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have, and can help you to introduce changes to make your oral hygiene regime even more effective, taking into account personal factors such as your lifestyle.

A regular dental checkup is by far the best way to ensure that your teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible and that you never end up needing an emergency visit to the dentist.

Benefits of a comprehensive checkup

Did you know that going to the dentist is not just about your teeth? Dentists are trained to recognise early symptoms of oral cancer, which has been proven to considerably increase survival rates among those diagnosed with this deadly disease.

Mouth cancers are more common in people over 40, particularly men. However, research has shown that mouth cancer is becoming more common in younger patients and in women. There are more than 640,000 cases of mouth cancer diagnosed each year worldwide and it is the eleventh most common cancer.

In the UK, more than 2,300 people die from mouth cancer every year and many of these deaths could be prevented if the cancer was diagnosed early enough. As it is, people with mouth cancer are more likely to die than those having cervical cancer or melanoma skin cancer.

Your dentist will carry out this examination as part of a routine dental check-up. It is worth remembering that your dental team can see parts of your mouth that you cannot see easily yourself.

Dentists can also recognise symptoms of gum disease, which can cause bad breath (halitosis), receding gums and even tooth failure. With gum disease now known to have wider health implications and the potential to increase your risk of developing other, more serious illnesses, this alone is a good reason not to avoid your five minutes in the dentist’s chair.

To book a checkup now or enquire about becoming a member of the award winning Sharoe Green Dental Practice this year, call our friendly team today on Preston 01772 718753.


3 ways to start 2019 with a super smile


Everybody wants to start the new year with a smile. But if you’ve experienced problems with your teeth – from staining and discolouration to missing or damaged teeth – having a perfect smile may seem little more than a dream. But did you know that with the many cosmetic dental treatments now available, it is easier than ever to restore your smile back to something you can be proud to share – and there’s no better time to start than now. Here are some of the options available for 2019.

1. Invisalign Braces

If it’s crooked teeth that are causing you to hide your smile, then Invisalign Braces could be the perfect solution. Using advanced technology, Invisalign are clear, removable braces that are almost invisible meaning that you won’t have to put up with visible metal ‘train-tracks’ for months to come. In fact, they are so discreet that hardly anyone will be able to tell you’re wearing them.

They also fit around your lifestyle –  if you have an important event coming up, like a meeting or party, you can simply take your retainers out, leaving you free to eat and drink as you please without worrying about damaging your teeth or braces. Invisalign removable braces are also better for your oral health than conventional braces, as you’ll take them out to brush and floss.

Treatment typically lasts from 12-18 months, but the stunning results will leave you smiling for years to come.

2. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments available and when performed by a trained dentist, it is also one of the safest. Our teeth naturally lose their sparkle and shine as we get older, as a result of the foods and drinks we consume, the lifestyle we live and the normal process of ageing. Luckily, it is relatively easy with the right treatment to restore the colour of your teeth by several shades. Here at Sharoe Green, we offer two choices of teeth whitening treatment:

Phillips Zoom In-Surgery Power Whitening

Over 10 million patients have had their smiles brightened by this Zoom treatment and there are a range of treatment options available to meet specific patient requirements. Using a special gel and a special lamp, after just a 45 minute session at the dentist, you can leave with your teeth visibly whiter. Of course, as with any dental procedure an initial consultation will always be needed prior to treatment to make sure that the treatment is suitable for you.

Home Teeth Whitening

We also offer patients teeth whitening kits to use at home. The system we use is White Beauty Dental Teeth Whitening System because it’s a worldwide market leader in tooth whitening materials, it’s easy to use, and it delivers great results. Because the treatment is supervised by a qualified dentist using approved products, you can be sure that the process is both safe and effective.

3. Icon white spot treatment

Icon is a revolutionary new treatment designed to treat white spots and mottled appearance of teeth with no injections and no drilling.

White spots on the teeth are actually very common and can have many causes including:

  • Fluorosis – a high fluoride intake as a child when the adult teeth are developing
  • Decalcification – the loss of the mineral element from the enamel that can occur during fixed brace treatment if there has been a lapse in the standard of oral hygiene around the orthodontic brackets.
  • Childhood illness or trauma to the adult teeth.

Traditionally these white spots would have to be covered with either composite filling material or porcelain veneers. However, both of these approaches usually require drilling and injections to remove the white part of tooth and are thus destructive, as the teeth in question are actually still healthy. The beauty of Icon treatment is that it requires none of these things but using the scientific process of resin infiltration allows the white spot to blend in with the surrounding tooth to provide a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

Here at the award winning Sharoe Green Dental Practice in Preston, we pride ourselves in offering the very best in cosmetic dental care, as well as a full range of routine dental care services, all provided by an experienced, friendly and professional team. To enquire about becoming a member now and starting the new year with confidence, call us on 01772 718853 .



Our Christmas Opening Hours


Sharoe Green Dental Practice would like to wish all of our patients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We would like to thank you for all of your support over the past year and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.

Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Eve – Closed

Christmas Day – Closed

Boxing Day – Closed

27th December – 8:30am to 5pm

28th December – 8:30am to 4pm

31st December – Closed

1st January – Closed

2nd January – normal opening hours resume

In case of emergency, contact the practice on 01772 718753 and our answerphone message will advise you on what to do.


We’re getting behind Mouth Cancer Action Month


Mouth Cancer Action Month is an annual charity campaign which which takes place every November. It is organised by the Oral Health Foundation, a leading UK charity that works to improve health and wellbeing by reducing the harm caused by oral diseases. The aim of this important campaign is to to raise awareness of mouth cancer and save lives by promoting the values of prevention and early detection – by making everybody more mouthaware.

Throughout November, Dentists, health professionals and other community organisations will be highlighting the risk factors and signs and symptoms associated with the disease – and here at Sharoe Green Dental Practice we are proud to support this important cause.

By joining forces to communicate the causes of mouth cancer, we can encourage healthier lifestyles and reduce the number of people diagnosed with the disease. To achieve this, it is also important that we can recognise the early warning signs so that we can act on any unusual changes in the mouth as soon as possible.

Why does Mouth Cancer Action Month matter?

In 2017 alone, more than 8.300 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer, whilst there are in excess of 300,000 new cases every year around the world. Worryingly, the number of people being diagnosed with mouth cancer has grown by around a third in the last ten years. Unlike most other cancers, the number of people suffering from mouth cancers is predicted to increase further in the coming years.

Whilst certain lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol are known to be major risk factors for many mouth cancers, it is important to understand that the disease that can affect anyone.

How can dental check-ups help prevent mouth cancer?

The easiest way to ensure that mouth cancer can be treated successfully is to recognise the early signs that something may not be quite right. That is why it is so important we all know what to look out for:

  • Don’t leave a mouth ulcer unattended for more than three weeks.
  • Don’t ignore any unusual lumps or swellings or red and white patches in your mouth.
  • Regularly check your own mouth, lips, cheeks, head and neck for anything out of the ordinary.

Remember, some of these early signs of mouth cancer can be hard to detect yourself. One of the best ways to be sure that any suspected symptoms of mouth can be found and treated quickly and effectively is to ensure that you have a regular dental check-up. Your dentist is trained to recognise these symptoms and will check for them as part of your examination. Ultimately, visiting the dentist regularly can help to save lives.

How can I support Mouth Cancer Action Month 2018

As a charitable campaign, Mouth Cancer Action month relies on support from the entire community – and you too can play a part in the fight against this deadly disease. One way to support the campaign is to wear a blue ribbon. The Blue Ribbon Appeal plays a key role in directly engaging people with the issues surrounding mouth cancer.

Whether it is talking about the risk factors involved, the early warning signs or the benefits of early detection, all can make a difference in improving education and ultimately saving lives.

Costing just £1, blue ribbon badges have been worn by over 250,000 people over the last three years and the money raised through the appeal has helped the Oral Health Foundation, in the last year alone, to directly provide mouth cancer advice to 350,000 people online, over the phone, by email and by printed information.

Members of the public can also set up a regular charitable donation to support action against mouth cancer through the official campaign website.

If you haven’t seen your dentist in the last six months or have any questions about mouth cancer, don’t hesitate to contact the team at the award winning Sharoe Green Dental Practice and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment.


Smile like a winner this summer


There’s a lot to smile about this summer, not least the incredible heatwave we have been lucky enough to enjoy. Fingers crossed the warm, sunny weather will continue once school’s out. But for many people, it is the sport that is truly putting smiles on faces. Of course, Wimbledon and the Tour de France are proving hugely enjoyable as always. But the highlight this summer has to be the Football World Cup, with England through to their first semi final since 1990.

Whatever the final outcome, the new look England team and their performance so far in this tournament of tournaments will leave many fans smiling for months and even years to come. Unless of course you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth and find yourself avoiding selfies and smile at all costs. But did you know that it is easy to get a perfect, winning smile this summer – and it won’t even cost you the earth! Read on to learn more.

Why do I need to whiten my teeth?

When you think about it, our teeth take on a huge challenge every day. They are essential to eating and speaking and are exposed to every item of food and drink that we consume. Day in, day out, they are putting in as much effort as a world class footballer on the pitch. With this constant exposure to different substances, it is natural that they will fade over time. The problem can be worse depending on your habits, especially if you smoke or consume coffee or red wine frequently. Even brushing carefully every day cannot completely prevent staining from occurring. Because some stains develop beneath the surface, they can’t be tackled with a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste alone.

Whilst some people may be content to leave their teeth alone, many people find themselves increasingly self-confident about the colour of their teeth and this can have an impact on confidence which may affect both your personal and professional life. If you don’t like the appearance of your teeth, giving a presentation or posing for a family photo can quickly turn into torture. You may even find yourself vanishing completely from your social media profiles. If this sounds like you, then it is definitely worth investing in having your teeth whitened.

Can I whiten my teeth myself?

There are many low cost teeth whitening toothpastes and DIY kits available, both from reputable supermarkets and pharmacies as well as much less trustworthy online outlets and auction listings. In the first case, while the products are likely to be completely safe as far as your health is concerned, they will only have a very limited level of effectiveness. This is for two main reasons.

Firstly, for the safety of consumers the law only allows them to contain the active ingredients at a fraction of the strength that a dentist is able to offer. This means that their ability to remove stains is very limited. Secondly, a whitening toothpaste will only address superficial staining and not address the deeper staining in and beneath the enamel, which is the bigger cause of visible problems. As a result, you may well find that you are spending significant amounts of money without ever seeing the effects you desire, leaving you frustrated and out of pocket.

Teeth whitening preparations and kits ordered online offer little or no guarantee that the ingredients meet basic standards of safety and may be unfit for use. There is a high risk when using such products – it is far safer to invest in having a dentist perform your teeth whitening.

What are the advantages of professional teeth whitening?

It’s safe

Most importantly, professional teeth whitening carried out by or under the supervision of a qualified and registered dentist offers a guarantee of safety. You can be sure that the process, equipment and any chemicals all meet strict healthcare criteria. Your dentist will always conduct a thorough examination beforehand to make sure that you are suitable for the treatment, and will take measures to avoid unnecessary exposure to sensitive areas such as your gums.

It’s effective

Because dentists have access to chemicals in much stronger concentrations, you can be sure that your teeth whitening treatment will be effective. Your dentist will discuss your desired outcome prior to the treatment so that you know what you can expect and the process will be personalised to get the best possible results.

It’s inexpensive

Whilst it may seem that paying for your dentist to whiten your teeth is an expensive option, when you consider the fact that it is extremely safe and highly effective, the price is worth paying. You won’t be putting your health at risk and will get guaranteed, lasting results that leave you with a confident smile you want to share everyday.

What teeth whitening options are available?

Here at Sharoe Green Dental Practice, we offer two kinds of teeth whitening treatment.

Phillips Zoom! Whitening

Completed in surgery with results in under 2 hours

  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to six shades
  • Whitespeed lamp breaks down stains
  • Professional results with little or no sensitivity
  • Just £395 for non-members and £316 for members (20% discount applied)*. Includes a take home kit so you are able to top up and maintain your bright smile.

Home Whitening

We take impressions and make your whitening trays at the surgery. You take the trays and gels home and complete at home.

  • We use ‘White Beauty Dental’ teeth whitening system, a worldwide market leader in tooth whitening.
  • Easy to use with great results
  • Safe and given with professional guidance – products bought online can cause damage to your teeth and gums!
  • Just £150 for non-members and £120 for members (20% discount applied).*

Book your teeth whitening now

To book your teeth whitening now, call the award winning team at Sharoe Green Dental Practice today on 01772 718753. Don’t forget to enquire about our latest offers.

*Prices correct as at 10/07/2018 and may change without notice. Please confirm the actual price at the time of booking.


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