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3 ways to start 2019 with a super smile


Everybody wants to start the new year with a smile. But if you’ve experienced problems with your teeth – from staining and discolouration to missing or damaged teeth – having a perfect smile may seem little more than a dream. But did you know that with the many cosmetic dental treatments now available, it is easier than ever to restore your smile back to something you can be proud to share – and there’s no better time to start than now. Here are some of the options available for 2019.

1. Invisalign Braces

If it’s crooked teeth that are causing you to hide your smile, then Invisalign Braces could be the perfect solution. Using advanced technology, Invisalign are clear, removable braces that are almost invisible meaning that you won’t have to put up with visible metal ‘train-tracks’ for months to come. In fact, they are so discreet that hardly anyone will be able to tell you’re wearing them.

They also fit around your lifestyle –  if you have an important event coming up, like a meeting or party, you can simply take your retainers out, leaving you free to eat and drink as you please without worrying about damaging your teeth or braces. Invisalign removable braces are also better for your oral health than conventional braces, as you’ll take them out to brush and floss.

Treatment typically lasts from 12-18 months, but the stunning results will leave you smiling for years to come.

2. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments available and when performed by a trained dentist, it is also one of the safest. Our teeth naturally lose their sparkle and shine as we get older, as a result of the foods and drinks we consume, the lifestyle we live and the normal process of ageing. Luckily, it is relatively easy with the right treatment to restore the colour of your teeth by several shades. Here at Sharoe Green, we offer two choices of teeth whitening treatment:

Phillips Zoom In-Surgery Power Whitening

Over 10 million patients have had their smiles brightened by this Zoom treatment and there are a range of treatment options available to meet specific patient requirements. Using a special gel and a special lamp, after just a 45 minute session at the dentist, you can leave with your teeth visibly whiter. Of course, as with any dental procedure an initial consultation will always be needed prior to treatment to make sure that the treatment is suitable for you.

Home Teeth Whitening

We also offer patients teeth whitening kits to use at home. The system we use is White Beauty Dental Teeth Whitening System because it’s a worldwide market leader in tooth whitening materials, it’s easy to use, and it delivers great results. Because the treatment is supervised by a qualified dentist using approved products, you can be sure that the process is both safe and effective.

3. Icon white spot treatment

Icon is a revolutionary new treatment designed to treat white spots and mottled appearance of teeth with no injections and no drilling.

White spots on the teeth are actually very common and can have many causes including:

  • Fluorosis – a high fluoride intake as a child when the adult teeth are developing
  • Decalcification – the loss of the mineral element from the enamel that can occur during fixed brace treatment if there has been a lapse in the standard of oral hygiene around the orthodontic brackets.
  • Childhood illness or trauma to the adult teeth.

Traditionally these white spots would have to be covered with either composite filling material or porcelain veneers. However, both of these approaches usually require drilling and injections to remove the white part of tooth and are thus destructive, as the teeth in question are actually still healthy. The beauty of Icon treatment is that it requires none of these things but using the scientific process of resin infiltration allows the white spot to blend in with the surrounding tooth to provide a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

Here at the award winning Sharoe Green Dental Practice in Preston, we pride ourselves in offering the very best in cosmetic dental care, as well as a full range of routine dental care services, all provided by an experienced, friendly and professional team. To enquire about becoming a member now and starting the new year with confidence, call us on 01772 718853 .



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