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National Smile Month 2018


Smile Month 2018For the last month, dentists, doctors, schools and community organisations across the UK have been working together to promote National Smile Month, an important annual campaign to promote healthy teeth for life. This year’s event may have just come to an end, however the message of National Smile Month is all about doing the best we can to keep our mouths and teeth healthy all year round. It’s never too late to get on board. Take action to give you and your family the best possible start when it comes to your precious teeth. So what has this year’s National Smile month been all about and why is the message so important? Let’s take a closer look.

National Smile Month – What is it?

National Smile month is organised every year by UK oral health charity The Oral Health Foundation. The main objective is to raise public awareness of important health issues and make a positive difference to the oral health of the UK.

The organisation encourages dentists, dental practices and healthcare professionals throughout the UK to get involved and help to engage communities, drawing attention to three key messages which together can help us develop and maintain a healthy mouth all year round:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Reduce the amount of sugary foods and drinks you consume.
  • Get regular dental checkups – as often as your dentist recommends.

By promoting these simple but important lifestyle decisions, it is hoped that the campaign will encourage adults and children across the UK to improve their oral health for the long term – and to have fun doing it as well.

By working together, organisations around the UK can help educate, motivate and communicate positive oral health messages and improve the quality of smiles all around the country.

Is National Smile Month Just for Children?

No – National Smile Month is for adults and children alike. It is for anybody who has an interest in health and wellbeing. It’s purpose is to raise awareness of important health issues, and ultimately, help make a positive difference to the oral health of millions of people throughout the UK.

In particular, it is of relevance to parents and families to help ensure that children get their teeth off to the best possible start.

What is the Oral Health Foundation?

The Oral Health Foundation was founded in 1971. It was created with a mission to promote the preventive message that ‘Teeth are for Life’ as widely as possible to the public with the aim of improving the overall oral health of everyone.

An independent charity (not for profit) and one of the largest of its kind, the Oral Health Foundation has now spent over 40 years providing expert, independent and impartial advice on all aspects of oral health directly to those who need it most, improving oral health and wellbeing around the world.

To achieve its mission of addressing the inequalities which exist in oral health, changing people’s lives for the better, the organisation works closely with UK and European governments, dental and health professionals, manufacturers, the dental trade, national and local agencies and of course, most importantly, the public.

How Can I Embrace National Smile Month?

As well as adopting healthy eating habits and brushing teeth regularly, one of the easiest ways to embrace the key message of National Smile Month is to make sure that your family’s dental check ups are up to date. It can be hard to find time with so many different things to worry about, but the benefits of seeing your dentist at the right frequency cannot be There’s no need to worry – dentists understand just how hard keeping appointments can be.

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